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What Our College
Coaching Clients Say

We’re not the only ones who say we have the best college admissions consultants – parents and students do too! Our admissions consultants have worked as admissions officers at top colleges across the country, so they have the inside knowledge to help navigate the entire admissions process. It’s how we’ve helped 98% of students get into one of their top choice schools. Here’s what those parents and students have to say.

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College Coach made the essay writing much less stressful. I actually enjoyed learning new writing techniques during the process. Most of all, it was important to have someone there to solve disagreements with my parents and to guide me through the applications.
College Coach Graduate and CA Poly State University student
[My counselor] helped me form my application so that it would show my best qualities to the admissions committee and increase my chances of acceptance. She also gave me some great tips on how to conduct myself during a college interview, which I will use for job interviews in the future.
College Coach Graduate and Cornell University student
Without College Coach I would not have applied to George Washington. My advisor suggested it and, after visiting, I really loved it and it became my top choice school.
College Coach Graduate and George Washington student
My advisor taught me how to organize all my applications, so I could prioritize my early decision school but still have enough time to finish the rest of my regular decision applications.
College Coach Graduate and NYU student
My advisor was excellent at helping me write my college essays. He had a way of helping me bring out ideas on paper without leading me there, and I have never encountered another individual who can do that.
College Coach Graduate and University of Washington student
Sometimes, I honestly felt like I was the only student working with my advisor (though that is definitely not the case). She was always there to help me edit my supplements, share her thoughts about a particular school, or help calm me down about the whole process.
College Coach Graduate and Wesleyan University student
Simply having an expert to field questions reduced our stress and time spent at home debating the appropriateness of my daughter's college list, essay strategy, and approach to presenting her activities on the application.
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and Amherst College student
I simply did not have the time to understand the college application process. Our advisor helped my daughter take ownership of the process, which was terrific. I have already recommended College Coach to other friends and family.
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and Colby College student
When our family worked with College Coach, the advisor made sure we set aggressive but realistic goals for our son’s course schedule and after-school commitments. The results we achieved exceeded all expectations.
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and Georgetown University student
As we were thinking through the decision to hire College Coach a year ago, I asked my financial advisor (who is also a close friend) about it. He said; “You’re about to spend $200-300K on a major decision. It makes sense to spend a little bit more in order to make a good one.” That was good advice.
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and Princeton University student
The advice of a knowledgeable person who understands the process of applying to colleges in today’s competitive world was invaluable.
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and Rollins College student
Without a doubt, we would not have survived the daunting college application and financial aid process without College Coach!
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and Syracuse University student
Our counselor helped us create a college list with my daughter’s likelihood of being accepted. She was exceptional at finding schools that fit her personality.
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and University of Michigan student
The guidance and preparation maximized [my son’s] opportunity and got him into the best college possible. If I had been 'guiding' my son, it would have been much more stressful (and difficult on our relationship).
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and Vanderbilt University student
Our advisor is an outstanding coach, strategist, and editor. His nationwide perspectives on the admissions process were very helpful to us. I wish we started using College Coach earlier in the process.
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and Yale University student
We knew that strong academic achievements do not guarantee admission to the best colleges. College Coach gave us that little extra we needed to make sure our son got accepted to his top-choice school.
Parent of a College Coach Graduate and Yale University student

Not only do we have the best college consultants around, we also have the best college admissions blog on the web – written, of course, by our consultants themselves. It’s filled with all sorts of tips, tricks, and insights they’ve gained from helping countless families through the college admissions process. You can also tune into our weekly podcast where hosts Elizabeth Heaton, Ian Fisher, and Sally Ganga gather former admissions and financial aid officers as well as outside guests for candid, behind-the-scenes discussions.


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