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Understanding the College
Admissions Process

When it comes to college admissions, by far, achievements in and out of the classroom are the priority. Colleges are looking for candidates who perform well consistently, or who show a record of steady improvement in courses.

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Attention to Detail Even well-written essays and stellar interviews can be undone by exceeded word counts, overlooked requirements, incomplete answers, and other careless errors. Read, proofread, and make sure you’ve followed instructions.
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Social Media Profile Your online presence matters. While a carefully curated presentation can be useful, misuse of social media or video can be disastrous. Poor choices in any of these areas could mean ending up in the deny pile.
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Web Submission Errors Technology has made submissions easy. Mostly, that’s an advantage. But the downside is the potential for errors, such as the name of one school in a statement aimed at another. So read each one carefully.
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Timing, Financial Need, and Other Factors

Not all admissions decisions are made based on an applicant’s record. When you apply—priority, early action, early decision 1, early decision 2, regular decision, or rolling admission—is one variable. Finances—“need-blind schools” versus those that consider a student’s need for financial aid in decisions—are another. Demographics and institutional priorities also play a role in outcomes.

Some of the above are beyond an applicant’s control. But a shrewd candidate will consider them all to be key parts of the college admissions process. In fact, a successful application strategy takes into account all the mitigating factors, and factors in which schools and application pools will have maximum odds of acceptance.


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