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Zachery Gries

College Finance Consultant He/Him/His
Zachery Gries Bright Horizons College Coach
College Finance Consultant
Former Financial Aid Director Loras College

My Background

I joined College Coach’s finance team after working in the financial aid office at my alma mater, Loras College. While at Loras, I helped develop and create models to award our merit scholarship dollars and our need based resources and assisted students and parents with financial aid applications. I also reviewed and decided on appeals and negotiations along with a committee, and provided loan counseling to students and families I have also been very active in state financial aid associations, most recently finishing as the chair of the professional development committee. I completed my master’s degree in Business and Analytics and have a Bachelor’s degree in public relations.
Would definitely recommend College Coach…So many questions come up throughout and it really helps to have some you can trust to give good advice. The outcome couldn’t have been any better for [my daughter].
Parent of a Stanford University student

Why I Joined College Coach

My favorite part of working in a financial aid office was helping students and families learn. I remember watching high school students and their parents navigate financial aid and, many times, it appeared to cause stress and anxiety. It was such a joy seeing those same families when they were seniors in college and had become so much more confident with financial aid. I joined College Coach to take the knowledge I learned from working in a financial aid office and use it to help students and parents as they go through the process themselves.

Get to Know Me

Bright Horizons College Coach finance team members

My Education

Loras College Bachelor’s in Public Relations
Loras College Master's in Business & Analytics
Zachery Gries and dog ski-joring

Some of my favorite pastimes

I am a big fan of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and I love to stay active: swimming, hiking, and other activities outside are my favorite. This summer I am learning to skateboard! I have a dog, Kuzko, who joins me as much as possible. This is a picture of us cross country skiing together in an arrangement called “ski-joring.”


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