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Serena Frisina

College Admissions Consultant She/Her/Hers
Serena Frisina Top College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
Former admissions officer Lewis & Clark College

My Background

I worked as an admissions counselor at Lewis & Clark College, my alma mater, for many years before joining College Coach. While at Lewis & Clark, I read applications, interviewed prospective students, made admit decisions, and presented on topics focused on the application process and financial aid. In addition, I planned admitted student days, managed the visit program and supervised the student ambassador team. I also served as an athletic liaison to the football team and supported coaches and student-athletes through the application and financial aid process. I have worked with many community-based organizations to support first generation and underrepresented students through the college search and application process. I have also supported college counselors in creating college search and application curriculum for their schools.

I am very grateful I was able to utilize College Coach! I was able to complete applications well ahead of time with very minimal stress and no issues. Any questions I had were answered promptly and completely and overall I had a very great experience!
Student at Boston University

Why I Joined College Coach

My interest in college admissions started during my own college search. As a high school student in a rural area, I had very little support in navigating the college search and application process. I was fascinated with touring schools and researching different institutions. I was lucky to have the support of my family in touring many schools, from huge research universities to small liberal arts colleges. I found a perfect fit at Lewis & Clark, and I joined College Coach to help students navigate their journeys to find fit. I am excited to share my experiences and help make the college search process more transparent for prospective students and their families.

Get to Know Me

The College Coach Team

My Education

Lewis & Clark College Bachelor of Arts, International Affairs and Political Science
I have worked with students interested in:
  • Art
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Computer science
  • Dance
  • Data science
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Government
  • Humanities
  • International relations
  • Journalism
  • Marine biology
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Political science
  • Pre-dentistry
  • Pre-law
  • Pre-med
  • Pre-veterinary
  • Research universities
  • ROTC
  • Science
  • Small liberal arts colleges
  • Social Sciences
  • Teaching/education certification
  • Theater
  • Visual and performing arts
I have also worked with:
  • Athletes
  • First-generation students
  • Home schooled students
  • IB program
  • International students
  • LGBTQIA+ students
  • Students with learning differences

Some of my favorite pastimes

I love to spend time outside – particularly snowboarding in the winter and boating in the summer. On a sunny Portland day, you can find me walking my dog, Rozie, or at a “You Pick” farm adventure with my husband and son, Frankie. If I am not outside, you can find me enjoying my Italian husband’s cooking or listening to a crime podcast.


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