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Abigail Anderson

College Admissions Consultant She/Her/Hers
Abigail Anderson
College Admissions Consultant
Former admissions officer Reed College
Former admissions officer Emma Willard School
Alumni Admissions Representative Colby College

My Background

I joined College Coach after working in independent school and college admissions. At the collegiate level, I evaluated thousands of applications and managed more than 20 student workers and 200 alumni interview volunteers. I recruited in, and read applications for, multiple domestic and international recruitment territories, including all of New England and the Mid-Atlantic, Europe, and the Americas. I also worked with and evaluated transfer applicants. Committed to increasing college access and demystifying the college application process, I collaborated with colleagues across institutions to develop free, accessible programming for high school juniors wanting to jumpstart the application process and improve their essay skills.

My passion has always aligned with working directly with high school students; I started my career in admissions at a highly-selective all-girls’ boarding school. While there, I recruited students throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and California. I oversaw multicultural and first-generation student recruitment, participated in both admission and financial aid committees, and assisted in residence hall management.

Abigail Anderson was extremely organized and set solid deadlines for everything that needed to be completed. I finished a lot of my essays early because of it...Seriously the best advisor you could ask for!
Student at Northeastern University

Why I Joined College Coach

As an admissions officer, I often found myself shaking my head while reading applications. I was frustrated by activity lists chock full of avoidable mistakes and essays written by a student who thought they knew what I wanted to read, but had completely missed the mark. As the shaper of a freshman class, errors annoyed me, and the same “textbook” applicant over and over again was the furthest from what I wanted to see. I joined College Coach not only because I want to help students avoid the simple mistakes, but also because I firmly believe that celebrating your child’s strengths, while nurturing their differences, is what makes for the best applicant. I am process-oriented; I love helping students take control in the process by focusing on organization and strategic planning. But my favorite part is always the creative—bring on the writing!

Get to Know Me

My Education

Colby College Bachelor's in Sociology
London School of Economics General Course
Harvard Graduate School Of Education Master of Education
I have worked with students interested in:
  • Accelerated medical - BS/MD
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Biochemistry
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Computer science
  • Data science
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Fashion
  • Game design
  • Government
  • Graphic design
  • HBCUs
  • Hispanic serving
  • Honors programs
  • Humanities
  • International relations
  • Ivy league
  • Journalism
  • Large State Schools
  • Marine biology
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing
  • Physical therapy
  • Political science
  • Pre-dentistry
  • Pre-law
  • Pre-med
  • Pre-veterinary
  • Psychology
  • Religiously affiliated schools
  • Religious Studies/Theology
  • Research universities
  • ROTC
  • Science
  • Small liberal arts colleges
  • Social Sciences
  • Sports analytics
  • Teaching/education certification
  • Technology
  • Two year colleges
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Women's colleges
I have also worked with:
  • Athletes
  • First-generation students
  • Gap year students
  • High school admissions
  • Home schooled students
  • IB program
  • LGBTQIA+ students
  • Non-traditional students
  • Students with learning differences
  • Transfer students
Abigail Anderson

Some of my favorite pastimes

Reading great books, skiing and hiking, spending time with my husband and our puppy, searching for the next best restaurant or dessert, volunteering for my alma mater

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