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Parent College Application

How will your College Coach® consultant keep your student's college application on track? Our first meeting starts at the beginning: discussing your student's goals, achievements, and activities.

Plan and Prepare for Your Child’s College
Application with Our Timeline & Roadmap

What your student's year will look like:

Freshman Year

Student looking at applications
Students who start with College Coach right from freshman year can make smart curriculum and extracurricular choices with future admissions in mind. We'll get students thinking about goals, introduce the concepts of college finance, and lay the groundwork for summer activity options, standardized testing, organizational tips, how to do a college visit – everything to make the experience successful. Plus, starting early allows our college finance experts the chance to help your family gain an understanding of the college-based merit scholarship process and how to align your student's high school plan toward achieving these awards.

Sophomore Year

Two students studying
With a year of high school behind students, the focus is on achievements, and how grades, rigor, and activities, will shape admissions. We'll also continue the application planning process – choosing 11th-grade curriculum, selecting activities, and considering standardized testing plans. And now's the time to start researching colleges and making informal visits. If you haven't already, we can direct you to one of our College Coach finance experts to talk about the college finance process.

Junior Year

Dad and son talking about a paper
At last –the college list. We will handpick schools for your student, divided by likelihood of acceptance. Our college finance experts can assist with the list to incorporate affordability and school-based merit scholarship opportunities. We will also work with the student on self-assessment activities, essay writing, and curriculum planning to keep the process on track. Other items on the junior-year list: extracurricular performance reviews, standardized tests schedules and strategies, private scholarship search support, summer activity planning, teacher recommendation plans, understanding eligibility for need-based aid, plus tips for making college visits count.

Senior Year

Parent and student talking
It's here –the home stretch. Our goal is to tackle the last push with a deadline-driven strategic plan that will get your student to the finish line...on time. And we're here to help with all the important final elements – last standardized tests, polishing up activity resumes and essays, maximizing scholarships, interview prep, and more. Finally — dot those last "i"s and submit those applications!


Dad hugging daughter
Congratulations – time to make your choice. Our consulting doesn't end when envelopes arrive. Look to your College Coach expert for help considering waitlists and making final decisions. Plus, College Coach finance experts can assist with comparing offers, payment strategies, and even negotiating/appealing financial aid decisions.


Interested in learning more about how our college admissions counseling services can help your student succeed?

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